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World Meditation League

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World Meditation League to launch in 2024

Meditate, Transform, Thrive

Plans for the new era of meditation are announced at the 25th INCOFYRA conference.

Erkin Bek, meditation expert, entrepreneur, and founder of All Here, announced plans to launch the World Meditation League, at the 25th INCOFYRA conference in Bengaluru, India. In partnership with advanced meditation practitioners, scholars and leading neuroscientists, the World Meditation League, headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, will pioneer a new era where meditation will become a mainstream professional pursuit. This is the first time such an announcement has been made and industry experts are eagerly awaiting.

“Our vision is to begin a new era of professional meditation where meditation becomes mainstream, a cornerstone of our daily lives.” – Erkin Bek, Founder & President, World Meditation League

Currently in development, in partnership with Prof. Olaf Blanke of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) and Dr. Manjunath N K of S-VYASA University in Bengaluru, the World Meditation League aims to professionalise meditation as a mainstream occupation. We strive to identify impactful meditation practices, by observing peak meditative states of advanced practitioners and developing scientifically established benchmarks. The first of its kind, our ambition is to elevate the global meditating community into a prominent and financially viable ecosystem.

World Meditation League will professionalise meditation through championship events that offer a global platform for meditators and showcase the benefits of meditation to wide public audiences. Awards and recognitions, coupled with considerable financial rewards will form an integral part of our championship events, where, together, we will celebrate the most valuable of human experiences.

Meditators live an athlete-like lifestyle; combining physical exercises, immersing in nature, breathing practices, contemplative studies, and meditation sessions. Their time commitment, as a minimum, is comparable to that of an athlete. Our aim is to transform meditation into a lucrative profession centred around the practice.

We seek to bring advanced meditators and leading scientific researchers from around the world onto one platform of collaboration. This is just the starting whistle of WML. We invite you to join us in this transformative journey – a journey not only of self-discovery but also of shaping the future of human experience.

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Erkin Bek’s announcement speech
The event was graced by Dr H R Nagendra, the Chancellor of of S-VYASA University and Chief Patron of INCOFYRA conference, as well as other great guests & amazing audience of domestic & international visitors
Pandit Rakesh Chaurasia played his magnificent flute at the Announcement Event along with Pt Satyajit Talwalkar on tabla