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The Technology

Modernizing Meditation with Technology

We use technology to build a bridge between the public and the world of meditation. We are developing a mixed reality platform that offers a multi-stage meditation program that begins with relaxation and transitions to advanced meditation practice. We integrate cutting-edge VR technologies, automized movement and bodily simulations, with real-time tracking, animation, and sensory technologies to deliver meditative experiences.

We use VR and haptic technologies for the sole purpose of creating Self and inward directed meditation experiences.

Below you can preview the video extract from the All Here’s Mixed Reality Platform for Inward Contemplation

How We Do It

Meditation and contemplative practices have been gaining popularity over the past few decades, attracting new practitioners due to their well-documented benefits. These practices are known for fostering well-being, increasing self-awareness, reducing stress and improving focus. In line with this trend, we have seen numerous softwares and applications being released, offering meditation courses and programs guided by audio instructions and/or specific visualisations. 

All Here’s mission is to modernize and spread meditation practices across society by bridging research, design, and expertise in contemplative practices to empower inner-existence and fulfillment. 

Over the past two years, we have collaborated with the Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) to conduct research on meditation and self-consciousness. Our approach of “meditation neuroengineering” seeks to integrate the best aspects of our respective disciplines. We have developed a platform that immerses in guided meditations within specifically designed environments. The platform also features a self-developed volumetric reconstruction tool, enabling users to observe their body in real time. 

Three research studies have then been conducted, focusing on the impact of specific meditations on bodily self-consciousness. The majority of participants, all novices in meditation, reported enjoying the practice and expressed a desire to continue in the future. 

Based on the promising results of this research project, All Here developed a meditation program in early 2024 aimed at providing effective, science-based meditation to users. The meditation journey at All Here is divided into seven stages, inspired by the founder over 20 years of experiences in meditation. All Here’s enhanced XR platform introduces the practice to novices and intermediate meditators in an effective and immersive manner. 

The program teaches various techniques across the stages, starting with total relaxation, progressing through self-observation, breath observation, focus on the gravity center, and culminating in a combination of techniques to develop a comprehensive, autonomous practice.