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The Home Within: Exploring the science of meditation

The Home Within: Exploring the science of meditation
27 Sep 2022

All Here has partnered with the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), a leading scientific and engineering institution in Switzerland, to launch a unique neuroscience and engineering programme to explore self-consciousness and meditative practice. It aims to develop, within 3 years, a meditation experience platform powered by immersive technology and neuroscience.

The Home Within platform will enable unprecedented research into meditation and aims to transform the field of meditation through research, immersive technology development and the application of neurotechnology in meditation studies.

Building on the meditation practice and know-how developed by All Here’s founder Erkin Bek, combined with the cognitive neuroscience research and engineering work of Dr Olaf Blanke who directs the laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain-Mind Institute at EPFL, The Home Within platform will integrate VR technologies, automized movement and bodily simulations, with real-time tracking, animation and sense technologies, to study consciousness in meditation. The ultimate goal of the platform will be for participants to learn meditation and with modern tools of science & technology and reach transformative mental and emotional states that are otherwise difficult or impossible to achieve. Research findings from the programme may also lead to new definitions of MPS, potentially introducing new layers of existential self-consciousness, never previously investigated through neuroscience.