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Conference Highlights from All Here Meditation Institution

Conference Highlights from All Here Meditation Institution
30 Jun 2024

Padova, Italy – June 19-23, 2024: All Here’s Science team made a significant impact at the 2nd Annual Conference of the International Society for Contemplative Research (ISCR). Researchers Dr. Chuong Ngo, Dr. Hang Yang, and Monika Stasytytė showcased their latest studies and findings from All Here Meditation Labs, including results from their collaboration with the Swiss Institute of Technology’s (EPFL) Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience.

Their contributions were highlighted in talk sessions on “Innovative Tools for Supporting Meditation” and “Meditation at the Edge: Exploring Consciousness.” Dr. Hang Yang presented on “Modulation of Neural Responses to Heartbeats During a Novel Meditation Practice Targeting Manipulation of Bodily-Self Consciousness.” Monika Stasytytė’s topic was “Breathing Biofeedback in VR Enhances the Meditation Experience and Bodily-Self Effects.” Dr. Chuong Ngo presented “Meditation Beyond Relaxation: Wakeful Alertness, Alpha Suppression, and Peak Meditative States Studied in Meditation Experts.”

Other team members, Erkin Bek and Patrick Krahenbuhl also attended, actively participating in discussions and presentation sessions with various research teams from around the world.

In addition to the team from All Here, the ISCR conference featured presentations and panels by distinguished scientists and researchers from Harvard Medical School, McGill University, University of Groningen, Princeton University, Monash University, University of Oxford, and other renowned institutions.

This gathering of leading minds in contemplative research provided a platform for sharing groundbreaking advancements and fostering collaborations that will drive the future of meditation science.