The Organization

All Here is a meditation centric organization that focuses on:

– Promoting Advanced Meditation Practice.

Made possible thanks to profound in-house expertise with deep knowledge of related traditional literature and deep links to Indian traditional institutions specializing in yogic and meditation practices.

– Advancing the Science of Meditation Practice.

By linking ancient tradition of practice with deep scientific research. It particularly focuses on studying advanced and peak meditative experiences.

– Developing New Technology Powered Meditation Experiences.

It develops a new technology powered approach to experiencing meditation by using immersive and multi-scensory haptics technologies. It is developing a multi-stage meditation journey from novice to advanced levels. It applies neuro – scientific monitoring and research of such tech powered experiences to study scientifically the effectiveness of technology powered experiences.

– Assuring first class levels of neuroscientific tools and research by working with leading scientific and technology institutions

– Professionalizing Meditation as a Mainstream Occupation, with an aim to support and propel the global meditating community into a highly dignified and financially viable industry