I have one wish.

You and I fulfilled and happy.

Simply - yet profoundly

Erkin Bek found his true calling as a dedicated meditator deeply immersed in the practice and science of meditation. The quest for inner fulfilment led him to a transformative journey into the ancient practices of Asia. He has been profoundly influenced by advanced meditation practice that combined yogic practices with the intellectual umbrella of the Yoga Sutras. His early interactions with martial arts, particularly tai-chi & other Far Eastern arts, have led him to greatly enhance his yogic meditation, particularly with the addition of center of gravity as a focal point of practice.
This journey covering Indian subcontinent all the way to the Far East have played a pivotal role in propelling his meditation practice into attaining deeply Silent as well as Explosive states of being, that he describes as reaching Peak Meditative experiences. This has subsequently led him to begin a deep research into the science of meditation, where Erkin aims to study various established traditions with the means of modern science. He’s now on the quest to link meditation centres with global scientific institutions to advance the science of meditation for the greater good of the society.
Erkin has authored “All Here,” a book of short poems capturing his transformative experiences, and established the “All Here” organization, with a mission to scientifically research peak meditative experiences across various traditions between India, the Far East and internationally. After more than 20 years of exploration into Asian meditation practices, Erkin is now shaping an advanced meditation & research sanctuary in the Indian Himalayas. He’s a lover and player of Indian bamboo flute, the Bansuri.
Erkin Bek, All Here founder
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Science brings us together. It allows us to build new approaches that are objective and universally adaptable by everyone.

Erkin Bek

Erkin Bek meditating in the research labs of universities, EPFL University in Switzerland and S-VYASA University in India

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