Discover the Home Within, the perfect place to feel at home.

Erkin Bek
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Transform from within, empower for a lifetime

All Here leads you to discover the home within you, it empowers you to feel at home everywhere.

Building the home within

All Here proposes an innovative and science-based approach to help you build the Home Within.

All Here has launched a unique collaboration with EPFL, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (a leading scientific and engineering institution in Switzerland) to develop meditation experiences empowered by immersive technology and underpinned by scientific research.






Move towards your Center of Gravity

All Here practice aims at cultivating your Centre of Gravity as the vital centre of energy and gate to inner-fulfilment.


The Gravity Center has been a key point of meditation practices in India and the Far East. Zen, yoga, tai-chi traditions have all pointed at this crucial juncture.  


Minimal Phenomenal Selfhood (MPS) & Self-Gravity

MPS is a term developed through years of scientific research in the Labs of Cognitive Neuroscience, and which coincides with the Gravity Center focused meditation practices of India and China. 

MPS and Self-Gravity have been the intellectual founding principles behind the beginning of the technological collaboration between EPFL and ALL HERE.    



Establishing vertical inner-presence


All Here methodology develops and interconnects these key areas of consciousness for an empowering and exhilarating internal experience and state of being.  

Erkin Bek
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